Friday, July 29, 2011

Veppam Movie Review

Going with great expectations based on many factors which include amazing songs by Joshua Sridhar, Gautam Menon's maiden production, Anjana's direction, Nithya Menen - Well it was a colossal waste of time.

It took nearly 30 minutes to understand the plot and by then there was the interval. The movie deals with Drugs, Prostitution and more. The plot which we really only understand in the second half could have been dealt with more nicely. Too much of abusive language and filthy language spoils the plot.

I think this is the only movie which could make it to the Guiness Book of World Records for the most number of Beeps replacing Bad Language. Going on the 1st day evening show was the worst thing I could have done. Nithya Menen looks great but again not much for her to act except for some good songs. Karthick Kumar was amazing and I think it was a great performance from him. Hats off to him. Don't even think of taking your family for the movie because its filled with (SEX and DRUGS) all over!

Verdict: Veppam = Mass Kuppam