Thursday, April 13, 2006


Hi All,

I am now on a crash diet. I started this yesterday i.e. 12th of April. I have lost 0.5 kgs in 2 days. :)

Looking forward to loosing 10 kgs in 2 months.

Secret of the diet: No sugar, no oil in food, rare non veg food, eating only at home, more of fruits and more of juices and brunch with Cornflakes. :)

Wish me luck.

Monday, April 03, 2006

How to save your job? Interesting cartoon

Cricket - India lead 3-0 against England

India won the 3rd one day match against England. Check this out.

Yuvraj Singh's smashing century led India to a 49-run victory in the third limited-overs international against England, providing the home team a 3-0 lead in the seven-match series.
Singh's blazing 103, his seventh one-day century, helped India post 294 for six in 50 overs. In reply, England was bowled out for 245 in 48.5 overs despite a defiant 93 by Paul Collingwood.

Sensex Magic

Today is an important day. The first day of the new financial year.

Check out the sensex. It was on a roll today. +280 points up on 1 day.

Many stocks hit the upper circuit. It was one of my most enjoyable and unforgettable days. :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Favourite Blog

Check out this blog. I simple am amazed by this.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Asin - A nice picture

This is one of the best pictures of Asin.

Bangkok Pictures

During the second week of March, I had gone for a holiday to Bangkok. It was a good time off from all the tensions.

Check out these pictures. :)

Favourite Blogs

Check out these blogs. They are my favourites. :)

Looking forward for your comments. :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blog Revolution Article

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Some websites even let you to send and receive message and files from your mobile to blogs with a single click on the keypad of your mobile. Blog is a real revolution in the internet world.

Blog is also source for content hungry publishers, they can find huge knowledge and information from the blogs. Blogs are getting more and more popular among the young generation.

But, one should be very careful and responsible while publishing a blog because it may have some effect on the society. It should not hurt the sentiments of any community.

In future blog may be used for advertising by the companies for promoting their products, thus creating a whole new scenario for advertisers. It also helps the blog owners to earn some revenue from their blogs.

Take Care

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Kavitha - one of my best friends. She was my best friend during my college days. This post is in remembrance of those wonderful days. Today i went back to remember those beautiful days. :(

Kavitha - I miss you and the fun we had the gang. :(

Indian Traditional Dressing

Senthil demonstrating the art of Indian Traditional dressing. cool pic. Comments please. :)

Bird Flu

Please see this. :)

Google in Tamil

I was thrilled to see Google search engine in all Indian languages including Tamil. I was amazed by the technology. :)

Check this screenshot.

Danny and Co

This was an unforgettable trip. Myself and Vijay went to Amsterdam and met Danny, Sicco, Alec and Luc. It was a good experience to establish a good relationship and the trip was amazing. Had a great time at Amsterdam.

Chilling out at KL

Last year I went on a business trip to Malaysia. It was a great experience meeting potential clients. Of course in the evening no clients were available. I went around the beautiful city of KL and this was one of the pics taken there.

Gym Time

I really need to lose weight and also keep fit. Whenever i see this picture i remember the trial that I had at the gym in our office. :)

Sandhya with me at the Galatta Chat

Check out this picture. Taken with Sandhya during the Galatta chat a couple of months back. This was taken before the release of Dishoom. It is a known fact that Sandhya did an amazing role in Kaadhal as well as Dishoom.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sreeja - Bye Bye

Amazing would be the best word to describe her.
A total workaholic who never rests.
Unfortunately today was her last day at office.
Many shed tears and so did she.
No gifts will ever be enough for someone so special like you.

Sreeja - my sweet sister. I will miss you and so will DCI. :(

Friday, March 03, 2006

Busy Street at Chennai!

This was taken a few months by Nanda (Chennai). I think it is a very nice picture. Please feel free to post your comments!

Poornima, Vaishu and Sanju

Taken at Coffee day with my wife Poornima, daughter Sanjana and G's baby girl Vaishu. :)

Yahoo Domains @ $2.99 per month

This is amazing!

But the catch is that you can only book 1 domain using an account. :(

SEO Conference at China

Bad news! I cancelled by China trip. I had been planning this for a long time.

About the SEO conference:

Search Engine Strategies is the premier conference series that keeps you informed about search engine marketing and optimization issues. These events teach you the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing from top experts in the field, along with information from the search engines themselves.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

3 Stages in Life

Stage One:

After I quit Microsoft. Kidding. :)

Stage Two:

After quitting the job as a pilot for AirForce One. :)

Stage Three:

I started thinking clearly. That is a picture of me taken 5 years back. :)

RMKV Ad of Jothika

Please see this amazing RMKV ad. Doesnt Jo look stunning?

Muthuji with Sherin

This is one of the pictures i love most. Muthu with Sherin. :)

What i hate most!

Signing papers is what I hate most. Today I had to sign nearly 30 papers. :(

I wish life was like this. :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I was down with wheezing and cold. I am now fine. Yesterday I went to office after a long time. :)

It has also been a long time since I had coffee.
Yesterday I started watching Ponniyin Selvan - a movie directed by Radha Mohan. Boring movie. :(

Today I saw the Sensex touching 10700.
Signing off for now as I need to get ready to leave to office.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Cool Picture of me

Check this out. :)

My Favourite Jo

A super picture of Jothika getting the Award from the CM.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Friend

This is my new friend from Peru. :)

Her name is Ayela. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Intro About Me

_______________About me_______________

Name - C.R.Venkatesh (Venky)

School - Vikaasa
College - College of Engg., Guindy, Anna University, Madras.
Degree - B.E. (Mechanical)
Hobbies - Magic, Palmistry, Making friends the world over.
Certificate Courses - SITRA, ACSA.

_____________________________My Days at Vikaasa

-If your vision's 20/20, That's me at the right hand corner.

School Gang

First Post

Every once in a while, you come
across sites that are educative, informative and leave a
profound impact on the viewer. Pearls of wisdom......... questions you've been searching all your
life.Well, awfully sorry to disappoint you, mate......this
place certainly isn't one of them.Welcome to my world.
My name's C.R. Venkatesh.