Friday, March 03, 2006

Busy Street at Chennai!

This was taken a few months by Nanda (Chennai). I think it is a very nice picture. Please feel free to post your comments!

Poornima, Vaishu and Sanju

Taken at Coffee day with my wife Poornima, daughter Sanjana and G's baby girl Vaishu. :)

Yahoo Domains @ $2.99 per month

This is amazing!

But the catch is that you can only book 1 domain using an account. :(

SEO Conference at China

Bad news! I cancelled by China trip. I had been planning this for a long time.

About the SEO conference:

Search Engine Strategies is the premier conference series that keeps you informed about search engine marketing and optimization issues. These events teach you the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing from top experts in the field, along with information from the search engines themselves.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

3 Stages in Life

Stage One:

After I quit Microsoft. Kidding. :)

Stage Two:

After quitting the job as a pilot for AirForce One. :)

Stage Three:

I started thinking clearly. That is a picture of me taken 5 years back. :)

RMKV Ad of Jothika

Please see this amazing RMKV ad. Doesnt Jo look stunning?

Muthuji with Sherin

This is one of the pictures i love most. Muthu with Sherin. :)

What i hate most!

Signing papers is what I hate most. Today I had to sign nearly 30 papers. :(

I wish life was like this. :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I was down with wheezing and cold. I am now fine. Yesterday I went to office after a long time. :)

It has also been a long time since I had coffee.
Yesterday I started watching Ponniyin Selvan - a movie directed by Radha Mohan. Boring movie. :(

Today I saw the Sensex touching 10700.
Signing off for now as I need to get ready to leave to office.