Monday, March 06, 2006

Sreeja - Bye Bye

Amazing would be the best word to describe her.
A total workaholic who never rests.
Unfortunately today was her last day at office.
Many shed tears and so did she.
No gifts will ever be enough for someone so special like you.

Sreeja - my sweet sister. I will miss you and so will DCI. :(


Sreeja said...

I too miss you a lot my sweet chetta. Will always be in touch and will never change. I am your sister. will be like u... Keep Smiling :))))))

Sharath said...


i couldnt believe that she wont come to office. :(. I will be always be thinking that she is on leave. she will come back soon to office.

shreeja- you are always there in our hearts. We MISS you very badly. You are my GOD. I dont want to say BYE to you as it makes me feel very bad.

Malar said...


No person is too far when we place them in our hearts. So I dont think she is far from us. She is with us and she will be with us forever. So as sreeja said.. please do keep smiling :)